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Grains Pulses and Rice



Grainsplusimportexport is a bulk trading company, which is involved in commercial operations with agro commodities, especially in grain trading. We connect farmers, small traders with industrial consumers and end users of grains and grains derivatives all over the world through bulk trading and distribution for grains.

We provide an end-to-end trading solution to our customers. We are constantly engaged in growing our sourcing base while adhering to quality and safety standards. Our business commenced though bulk trading in grains from India. In addition to sourcing and supplying these products, the professional teams at Grainsplusimportexport are continuously monitoring and analyzing market trends to efficiently manage logistics, seek access to trade finance to allow the company to meet customer needs and drive growth.

We believe in exploring collaborative opportunities with partners to build a sustainable and synergistic business. Our strong network in India combined with our experience in global trading and distribution will help us nurture and grow this client oriented business.

Basmati Rice

India is the world’s largest producer of basmati rice, accounting for over 70% of the world’s basmati rice production. Basmati is a variety of long, slender grain aromatic rice which is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. As of 2018, India is exporting more than 60% of its production to the overseas market. Basmati grains contain about 0.09PPM of aromatic chemical compound naturally, a level that is about 12 times more than non-basmati rice varieties, giving basmati its distinctive spicy fragrance and flavor. Indian basmati rice has highest demand in world markets due to its grain size and excellent aroma.

We at Grainsplusimportexport offer Indian basmati rice that is reckoned in the global markets for its purity and great taste. Each grain of basmati rice reflects our ability to bring forth high quality product for the customers.

To supply the most sought-after varieties of basmati rice, Grainsplusimportexport has sound facility tie-ups right from milling to packaging that ensures transition of paddy to fully packed rice bag that too untouched by human hands.

We are one of the prominent suppliers and exporters of basmati rice from India. We engage in processing and packaging basmati rice for international clients who are big brands in global market. With our energetic and capable workforce support, we are able to accomplish our export targets in compliance with the clients’ requirements within a set time frame.

We make available different varieties of basmati rice in different variants; i.e. Raw, Steam, Golden Sella, White Sella, and Creamy Sella.

Popular Basmati Varieties:

Traditional Basmati

1121 Basmati

1509 Basmati

Pusa 1401 Basmati

Sharbati Basmati

Sugandha Basmati

Notified Basmati Varieties in India:

Basmati 217

Basmati 370

Type 3 (Dehraduni Basmati)

Punjab Basmati 1 (Bauni Basmati)

Pusa Basmati 1


Haryana Basmati 1

Mahi Sugandha

Taraori Basmati (HBC 19 / Karnal Local)

Ranbir Basmati

Basmati 386

Improved Pusa Basmati 1 (Pusa 1460)

Pusa Basmati 1121

Vallabh Basmati 22

Pusa Basmati 6 (Pusa 1401)

Punjab Basmati 2

Basmati CSR 30

Malviya Basmati Dhan 10-9 (IET 21669)

Vallabh Basmati 21 (IET 19493)

Pusa Basmati 1509 (IET 21960)

Basmati 564

Vallabh Basmati 23

Vallabh Basmati 24

Pusa Basmati 1609

Pant Basmati 1 (IET 21665)

Pant Basmati 2 (IET 21953)

Punjab Basmati 3

Pusa Basmati 1637

Pusa Basmati 1728

The basmati rice that we supply is processed under hygienic conditions. To retain the quality and longer shelf life of rice, we pack it in varieties of packaging like Polypropylene (PP), BOPP, and Jute bag etc. or as specified by the client.

Non-Basmati Rice

Any rice other than basmati rice is named as Non Basmati Rice. In the world it has been reported that there are thousands of varieties of non basmati rice and out of which the maximum number are in India. Grainsplusimportexport specializes in supply chain management of non basmati rice such as IR-64, IR-8, IR-36, IR-20, IR-50, PR-11, PR-14, GR-11, Pusa-677, Sona Masoori, Swarna, Ponni, Samba, Joha etc. The world needed quality non basmati rice from India in the global agro commodity market which was the reason the company marched ahead into this segment. When dealing with Grainsplusimportexport, customers receive the benefit of our two decades of experience, vast network of operations in 18 states. Grainsplusimportexport’s renowned industry reputation ensures that they receive the best quality non basmati rice at the most competitive prices, and constantly adapting to the customers’ requirements.

Grainsplusimportexport presents exclusive range of non basmati rice that is cultivated from the finest farms of India. The aromatic flavor of our rice boasts of delectable taste and an essence that can mesmerise food lovers. We source, distribute and export a wide range of non basmati rice from India. Owing to our intense knowledge and experience, we are able to cater pure Indian non basmati rice as per the market demand. Apart from this, we are among the renowned domestic rice traders and exporters based in India. Aromatic and rich nutritional values are some of the features of our non basmati rice that distinguish our product in global markets.

The non basmati rice we export is of superior quality and is free from dust, germs and stones. It has a rich taste and fine aroma. Non basmati rice comes in different sizes, some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. Our domain expertise has assisted us sourcing, supply and exporting a much demanded gamut of non basmati rice. This rice is not much big in size but is really good in taste and smell.

We have close associations with the highly reputed manufacturers who have world class milling infrastructure and bring to you a collection that is superb on counts of quality, shelf life, nutrition and hygiene. We not only say but in literal sense execute timely deliveries without any delays.

We make available different varieties of Indian Non Basmati Rice in different variants such as Raw, Steamed and Parboiled. also available from 5% to 100% broken ratio as per buyer requirement.
The major non basmati rice varieties which we deal are as below:

IR 64

IR 8

IR 36

IR 20

IR 50

PR 11

PR 14

GR 11

Pusa 677

Sona Masoori




Joha and many more…

Quality Assurance:
We pay close attention to the details, for us each grain matters. At Grainsplusimportexport, success is dependent upon the collective effort and expertise of in house specialists. Our rice products promise wholesome and clean deliverables each time from a comprehensive system of training and testing. The quality assurance staff maximises results through development of benchmarks, research and informed decisions from in depth product knowledge and analysis.

At each level of our sourcing and supply process, we follow strict guidelines and procedures that require constant evaluation of the products. We align with various regulatory agencies to engage all aspects of rice production (right from selection to delivery) to comply with good manufacturing practices. At Grainsplusimportexport, every employee’s hands on experience and precautionary measures add up to equal a total quality management approach. We keep getting better at what we do..!


Wheat is a crop of global significance; it is one of the most important and largest cultivated grain crops in India, and counts as a staple food grain for a majority of countries. It is also one of the most traded agro commodities. In India, it holds a revered position in agriculture, and with annual yields increasing to almost 96 MMT in 2015, India is the second largest producer of wheat after China, and had accounted for approximately 14% share in the total world wheat production as of 2015.

Grainsplus has been a major exporter of agro commodities like wheat; we have built a formidable reputation as an exporter of quality wheat at value prices. Our wheat that is exported, normally, has moisture not exceeding 12%, minimum protein of 11.5%, and gluten at minimum 26%, which allows us to be a strong competitor to wheat from other countries. Due to favourable logistical advantages, India is now a preferred source for exports to such destinations as Bangladesh, Middle-East Asia, South-East Asia and African countries.

We at Grainsplusimportexport believe when we are exporting we are representing our nation. Our PAN India presence helps us to source high quality wheat directly from the farmers and local mandi’s and meets buyer’s specific requirements. We are experienced in handling high volumes, while meeting the specific quality and quantity requirements of domestic customers across various industries and global markets.

We Offer:

Direct shipment to the buyers, both in bulk and baggage cargo.

Handling of export orders efficiently, ranging from one container load to charter vessels of 10,000 to 20,000 MT ‘s.

Large warehousing tie-ups across the country and also at all of the major ports.

Highly competitive prices to domestic customers and international traders.

World-class quality standards.

Offering supplies throughout the year.

Tailor made services for bulk buyers at national as well as international levels.

Trained executives to handle export assignments efficiently and to service export orders to the entire satisfaction of overseas buyers.

We work with a global business perspective and our business operations are aligned with the ‘best in class business practices’. Our clients are Private, Corporate, Government, Traders, Exporters, Importers, and Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO’s).

A delightful experience is what we are known for:
To ensure that our customers must be served with high quality products we are committed to follow a holistic and sophisticated approach for cultivation of agri products. With the ever changing climate and pollution levels in the environment it becomes a challenge itself to harvest a healthy crop devoid of any pollutants, seeking to our wholehearted commitment towards our customers, we take this challenge as a duty and provide them with finest agri products upto mark on nutritional values. To make it possible Grainsplusimportexport is been consistently revising its techniques to incorporate latest technologies and innovative approaches in agriculture. This helps us to modernize our sourcing model to provide you agri products more efficiently as well as to preserve the traditional taste and quality of our products.

As the India’s premium wheat market player, we are committed to deliver precision – perfect quality to our customers; nurture a professional work environment that fosters employee excellence, growth and customer satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth oriented company that creates value for our investors and clients.


Maize is the third most important grain in India after rice and wheat. Currently it is cultivated over 8.12 million hectors, contributing nearly 8% in the national food basket. Maize contributes Rs.100 billion to the agricultural GDP at current prices apart from providing employment to nearly 100 million man-days at the farm and downstream agricultural and industrial sectors. In addition to staple food for human beings and quality feed for animals, maize serves as a basic raw material to industries for production of starch, oil, alcoholic beverages, and food sweeteners. Being a potential crop in India, maize occupies an important place as a source of human food, animal feed, poultry feed and in industries mainly such as starch and breweries.

India is the 6th largest producer of maize in the world. With three cropping seasons, India produces over 20MMT’s of maize and exports around 20% of the produce every year. Apart from domestic market, the major export destinations are Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Korea etc.

Grainsplusimportexport has PAN India presence with experienced professionals and strategic alliance partners/suppliers/vendors that help to source high quality maize from various locations across the country. This presence helps us to procure quality products directly from the farmers and local agricultural market yards and meet the specific requirements of poultry, starch and animal feed customers and also international clients as well. Grainsplusimportexport is experienced in handling high volumes, while meeting the specific quality requirements of customers across various industries and global markets.


Pulses are high in fiber and protein, yet low in fat, with zero cholesterol count. It provides iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. The global pulses market is estimated at 70 MMT annually and India is both the largest producer and consumer of the pulses.

India grows a variety of pulses crops under a wide range of agro climate conditions and is recognized globally as one of the major player in pulses contributing around 25-28% of the total global production. A liberal trade regime has kept imports in the country around 25 lakh tonnes per annum i.e. 20-25% of domestic production. India’s pulse production during the last 10 years varied in the range of 11 to 15 MMT; area under pulse cultivation is 12.85 million hectares and yields range averagely between 1,000 to 1,200 kg per hectare per annum.

Grainsplusimportexport has PAN India presence with experienced sourcing professionals and permanent vendors to supply pulses around the world. The pulses we export are of 100% Indian origin offering the best prices through reduced overheads while maintaining the highest quality through our rigid quality assurance. We work actively with the most experienced processors to provide the best quality care to our customers in terms of product quality, shipment handling, customer satisfaction and competitive price.

We link pulses producers and consumers across the globe; we have earned a reputation for being reliable and consistent. Our customers count on us to produce the pulses they need for their business; and they know we will provide exactly what’s been contracted, whatever the market conditions. Whether facing economic changes, market volatility or logistics concerns, we will use our decades of trade experience to manage those risks and meet our commitments. We trade pulses domestically and export the same in high quality as required by our customers for all kind of special crops, our team pay personal attention for every shipment. We monitor shipments from loading to unloading with the knowledge and expertise in international trade.

1. Green Moong
The green moong or green gram is one of the most flexible pulses available. Not only can you make it into a simple dal, but it’s used to make sweets as well. Plus green moong sprouts are a wonderful source of protein. They are available whole, split, with skin on, and removed. It’s a source of manganese, potassium, folate, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B. Also high in dietary fiber.
2. Urad Dal 
This one is usually called black dal when whole, and white when it’s skinned and split. And yes, the black urad is the star ingredient in Dal Makhani. Urad is also used to make bondas, papads, medu vada, a version of payasam, and even dosas! It has a very earthy taste and is often slimy on the tongue. In Bengal, the white urad is also used to make Biulir Dal, a recipe that’s quite simple and yet absolutely delicious. And what’s quite unique about this recipe is that the flavour is enhanced by the addition of fennel. Urad Dal helps improve digestion, good source of protein, controls cholesterol.

3. Masoor Dal
The masoor dal is perhaps one of the most common pulses in an Indian kitchen. The Bengali bori/bodi made with masoor dal is an excellent addition to vegetables and even fish curries. And making it is really simple. Masoor dal is a good source of protein, essential amino acids, potassium, iron, fiber and vitamin B1. It also helps to lower cholesterol and control sugar levels.
4. Toor/Arhar Dal

Also called Pigeon Pea, arhar dal is one of the most used ingredients in an Indian kitchen. One of the most delicious ways to cook it is to make the Gujarati khatti meethi dal.  Arhar dal contains iron, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B and potassium.

5. Lobia
Also called cowpea or black-eyed pea, probably because of the little black spot on the otherwise white dal, the lobia is known to have originated from West Africa, but it widely cultivated in Asia and the US. The lobia is cooked in plenty of ways in Asia and elsewhere. For instance in Vietnam, it’s used to make a dessert called Che Dau Trang where the peas are cooked with coconut milk and sticky rice. In Trinidad and Tobago it’s also used to make beans and rice. In India, it is prepared similar to how other dal preparations are made.
Health benefits: Lobia is packed with protein and fiber, and is a good dal to incorporate in your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. It also controls fluctuation of cholesterol levels, and keeps them lowered.
6. Matar Dal
There’s little you can’t do with matar, or dried peas. And most of the recipes for this dal are the easiest. In Kolkata, the ghugni is one of the most popular street foods. It’s also cooked at homes as an evening snack. You could use the yellow variety or the green. Team it with fluffy luchis and it’s a winner.
Health benefits: High in protein, and dietary fibre. It’s also a good source of manganese, copper, folate, Vitamin B1 and B5, and potassium.

7. Chickpea

Also known as Bengal gram, channa dal, and Garbanzo beans, this dal comes in two forms: a smaller one with a dark skin, which is simply called kala chana, and the larger white ones that are also known as kabuli chana. It’s cooked in different ways, and can be sprouted to add to a salad. One of the healthiest ways to eat the kabuli chana is to make hummus out of it. 
Health benefits: It has anti-inflammatory qualities, is high on folate, molybdenum, manganese, copper, fiber, protein, iron and zinc.

8. Horsegram
Not everyone likes the horsegram or kulthi. However underestimated, it does come with its benefits. Make a rasam with it, and you’ll warm up instantly on a cold night. 
Health benefits: It is the best source of calcium among other pulse. It’s also high in protein content, low in fat, and in lipid and sodium content, and is good for those who diabetes or suffer from obesity. It is however high in carbohydrate.


Oats have played a significant role in farming systems from domestication to present due to the versatile uses of the cereal. Oats currently rank sixth in world production of cereals after maize, rice, wheat, barley, and sorghum. World oat production was similar to millet and exceeded rye, and triticale. Oats, more than just a whole cereal, it is a species of cereal widely cultivated in Europe, Russia, Canada, Poland, Australia, Finland and United States. It is suitable for human consumption as oatmeal and rolled oats, and one of the most common uses is as livestock feed.

Rolled oats, flattened kernels with the hulls removed, are used mostly for oatmeal; other breakfast foods are made from the groats, which are un-flattened kernels with husks removed. Oat flour is not generally considered suitable for bread but is used to make cookies and puddings. The grains are high in carbohydrates and contain about 13% protein and 7.5% fat. They are a source of calcium, iron, vitamin B1, and niacin.

As a livestock feed, the oat cereal is used both in pure form and in mixtures, though the demand for oats has been somewhat reduced by competition from hybrid maize and alfalfa. The straw is used for animal feed. In industry oat hulls are a source of furfural, a chemical used in various types of solvents.

We at Grainsplusimportexport offer oats that is reckoned in the global markets for its purity and great taste. Each cereal of oat reflects our ability to bring forth high quality product for the customers. To supply the most sought-after varieties of oats, Grainsplusimportexport have foreign tie-ups right from sourcing to delivery that ensures transition of oats to fully packed oats bags that to untouched by human hands.

We are one of the prominent importers and domestic suppliers of oats; we are bridging the gap between Indian manufacturers and foreign oats farmers/suppliers. With our energetic and capable workforce support, we are able to accomplish our import targets in compliance with the clients’ requirements within a set time frame. The oats that we supply is processed and packed under hygienic conditions. To retain the quality and longer shelf life of oats, we pack it in varieties of packaging like Polypropylene (PP), BOPP, and Jute bag etc. or as specified by the client.

We make available different varieties of oats for Indian manufacturers; i.e. Raw Oats, Whole Oat Groats, Steel Cut Oats, Scottish Oats, Rolled Oats and Oat Flour.